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Introduction to China Traditional Chinese Medicine Holdings Co. Limited

    China Traditional Chinese Medicine Holdings Co. Limited is a large, consolidated and modern pharmaceutical corporation whose shares are listed on the main board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange as a red chip stock (stock code: 00570.HK). The Company is a pharmaceutical group engaged in R&D, manufacturing and distribution, whose subsidiaries include JiangyinTianjiang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd ,Guangdong Yifang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd ,Guangdong Medi-World Pharmaceutical Company Limited, GuizhouTongjitang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Foshan Dezhong Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd., Foshan Feng Liao Xing Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Shandong Luya Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Anhui Jingfang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Qinghai Pulante Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., GuizhouLonglife Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Foshan Feng Liao Xing Medicinal Materials & Slices Co., Ltd., etc.

    China Traditional Chinese Medicine captures the essence of traditional Chinese medicine with more than 400 years of history, inheriting a large number of renowned historic medicine shops established since the Ming Dynasty such as "Liang Zhonghong Wax Pill Shop" (梁仲弘臘丸館), "Feng Liao Xing" (馮了性), "Tongjitang" (同濟堂) and "Yuen Kut Lam" (源吉林). Under the Group there are four famous Chinese brands, including "Xianling" (仙靈), "Tongjitang" (同濟堂), "XianlingGubao" (仙靈骨葆) and "Dezhong" (德眾), and "Feng Liao Xing" (馮了性), "Dezhong" (德眾), and "Tongjitang" (同濟堂) are three Chinese time-honored brands while "Feng Liao Xing Dieda Rheumatism Medicinal Wine" (馮了性風濕跌打藥酒), "Shaolin Dieda Herbal Plaster" (少林跌打止痛膏) and "Yuanjilin Herbal Tea" (源吉林甘和茶) are recognized as intangible cultural heritage products. The Company produces medicine products of almost 500 specifications.

    China Traditional Chinese Medicine bears the mission of "Inheriting Chinese Medicine Culture, Carrying forward the Essence of Chinese Medicine and Protecting Humanˇs Health". Aiming at "Realizing a RMB10 Billion Turnover in Chinese Medicine", the Company strives to develop into a "Leading Chinese Medicine Corporation with RMB10 Billion Turnover" within 5 years to open a new page of glory and prestige.

China traditional chinese medicine holdings  (Hong Kong Stock Exchange Listed Company Code:00570) 
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