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Innovations requires a good mechanism and platform. Winteam Group not only focuses on product and technical innovation, but also allocates not less than 5% of its annual sales for research and development expenses of specific projects. Apart from this, the group also pays special attention on the construction of innovation mechanism and platform. To date, the group has set up several subordinate R&D centers, including Provincial Enterprise Technical Center of the Guangdong Province, Traditional Chinese Medicine Engineering Technical Research & Development Center of Guangdong Province, New Medicine Preparation Engineering Technical Research & Development Center of Foshan City, Traditional Chinese Medicine Secondary Development Engineering Technical Research & Development Center of Foshan City, and Chinese Medicine Development and Production Engineering Technical Research & Development Center of Foshan City. In 2008, the group set up an enterprise post-doctorate work station. Moreover, the group is committed to cooperative research efforts between industry and university. It has cooperated with Sun Yat-Sen University in the establishment of a united laboratory of new medicine development and with Guangdong Pharmaceutical University in the construction of an industry-university-research cooperative base. Besides, Winteam Group has made industry-university-research cooperation with Southern Medical University, Guangdong University of Chinese Medicine and other universities at multiple levels, thus creating more professionals for the group and providing stronger technical support.
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