A member enterprise
of Sinopharm Group

China Traditional Chinese Medicine Holdings Co. Limited


China Traditional Chinese Medicine Holdings Co. Limited (“China TCM”) is the core platform established by Sinopharm Group for the traditional Chinese medicine segment. The Company (stock code: 00570.HK) is listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Headquartered in Foshan, Guangdong, the Company has over 18,000 employees and over 100 subsidiaries.


The Company has a complete industrial chain and integrates research, manufacturing and sales as a whole. It has more than 800 patent medicine regulations (of which more than 280 regulations are included in National Essential Medicine List 2018), over 700 varieties of TCM formula granules and over 400 varieties of classic compound granules (for export only). The products have covered several major fields including Chinese patent medicine, herbal pieces, formula granules and chemical medicine.


China TCM brings together the essence of traditional Chinese medicine and spans a history of more than 400 years. It inherits the ancient pharmacies that have been opened since the Ming Dynasty, e.g. Liang Zhonghong Wax Pills Clinic, Fengliaoxing, Tongjitang and Yuen Kut Lam, owns 3 China time-honored brands, i.e. Fengliaoxing, Anning and Tongjitang, 5 China well-known trademarks, i.e. Xianling, Tongjitang, Xianling Gubao, Tian Jiang Pharmaceutical and Dezhong, 4 intangible cultural heritages, i.e. Tongjitang TCM Culture, Fengliaoxing Fengshi Dieda Medicinal Wines, Shaolin Dieda Zhitong Plaster and Yuen Kut Lam Kam Wo Tea, as well as 10 core exclusive products listed in the National Essential Drug List, i.e. Xianling Gubao Capsules, Jingshu Granules, Fengshi Gutong Capsules, Moisturizing and Anti-Itching Capsules, Yu Ping Feng Granules, Qili Capsules, Bi Yan Kang Tablets, Zaoren Anshen Capsules, Trionycis Bolus, Jinye Baidu Granules.


China TCM boasts high-quality brands and product resources and has won the deep trust of doctors and patients. The Company will undertake the mission of “inheriting the culture of Chinese medicine, promoting the essence of Chinese medicine and building up the health of human beings”, devote itself to the development of four major industrial segments, i.e. Chinese herbal pieces, formula granules, modern Chinese patent medicine, and massive health industry, work with various circles to create a TCM platform worth RMB 30 billion and become a leader in the traditional Chinese medicine industry.