A member enterprise
of Sinopharm Group

R&D Overview

So far, the R&D center has set up a total of 4 CNAS laboratory, 3 national engineering laboratories, 1 national enterprise technology center, 1 national medical master studio, 10 provincial enterprise technology centers, 7 provincial engineering and technology centers, 4 postdoctoral workstations and 2 academician workstations.


Laboratory Conditions and Team

R&D center has gathered a professional management and R&D team, specializing in pharmacy, traditional Chinese medicine, pharmaceutics, pharmacology, analysis, medicine and other fields. The staff holding a PhD degree, master’s degree and senior technical titles accounts for nearly 60% of the total staff. Their solid theoretical basis and rich experience in R&D guarantee the R&D capability and development potential of the Company. The R&D center is equipped with the domestic advanced testing equipment and testing instruments, as well as pilot plants that comply with the GMP standards, which can meet the R&D needs of tablets, capsules, granules and other oral solid preparations and freeze-dried powder injections. 

R&D Center is always upholding the R&D philosophy of integrated innovation, market-oriented principle, technology support and policy guarantee, maintaining the R&D direction of modern Chinese medicine and solid sustained-release preparations (mainly for curing common diseases and senile diseases), and striving to become a leader in R&D and production of modern Chinese medicine and characteristic drugs in China.